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Nourishment for the mind...

It's time I got better at talking about what I'm trying to build ... forgive me.

This newsletter is not about my personal projects … so I hope you’ll forgive me an indulgence but it’s time I admit it: I’ve been struggling for some time to get my message… my mission… my Ikigai1 across to people.

I’m trying to fix the way the news works.

The truth is, that while our tech, our editorial and our products have all come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years ... my ability to communicate our "why" to the world has stagnated to the point that I think the whole mission is getting lost.

I set out to build OneSub because I wanted a better world... and I felt as someone with the skills I have, I have responsibility to help create it.

Our news environment is so toxic that it's leading to a cultural epidemic of a kind of obesity of the mind.

We're so inured to hyperbolic click-bait ... so lost in the one-half of reality our partisan newspapers show us ... so manipulated by social media algorithms that feed off our fears ... that as a species: we're losing a grip on what's real.

OneSub - and Charlie and Inbox and Nüz ... they were all meant to fix that ... and yet the might: if I can find a way to better communicate what we're really trying to do.

So ..

  • I'm working to bring Charlie's perspicacity and willingness to answer real questions in real time into the OneSub app ...

  • We're resurrecting and improving our "news fitness" charts and dials to give you clarity about how much you've read and give you a real sense of "done" when you've read enough ...

  • ... and 🥁 ... we're rebranding this new app with a name that helps you understand why we exist in the first place. I'd like to know what you think.

OneSub will become ... Nourish. 🌱

Thank you for reading Ultra-Processed News. This post is public so feel free to share it.


Nourish will contain all the same great editorial, intelligence and customisation as OneSub. It will also contain an updated Charlie conversational AI, give access to Nüz's short videos, be available along side you in your browser and via Siri while you're on the move.

Nourish will exist to help you take control of your news diet.

We will exist to give you a healthy serving of news each day, to nourish you and protect your from overindulging .. We will exist to keep you informed and to protect your mental health.

We will exist to nourish your mind... and help you nourish the lives of the people around you with balance, clarity, awareness and insight.

I’m very excited to hear what you have to say about the new name and the new way to convey our message. If it resonates with you - please take a moment to let me know.

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Ikagai - more on this amazing word in a future issue. If you don’t know this work: you need to. I have a draft issues in the wings and I will tell you all about it soon.

Ultra-Processed News
Ultra-Processed News
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